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Apache OpenOffice for New Computers

Save money on your new computer

Are you buying yourself a new computer?, or buying one for someone else? If so, here is a money saving tip that your computer vendor may not be telling you.

You are not required to spend $100, $200 or more for a copy of Microsoft Office. You can buy a computer without Office installed, and save that money. Then when you go home, try the free, Apache OpenOffice (AOO). It has a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation editor. It can read Microsoft files. It can export to PDF. It works on Windows XP - Windows 10, macOS (OS X) and Linux. And it is absolutely free!

How can we give this to you for free? We are a nonprofit organization with the charitable mission to publish free software for the public. That’s what we do. We want you to have free software.

So when the salesman tries to load up your computer invoice with all those “extras”, just say “Thank you, but No. I will install AOO”.

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